Our Approach

We believe that an important part of preschool is to provide an experience-based environment where children have opportunities that support their creativity and expand their understanding of the world around them.  By encouraging them to become broad, critical thinkers we hope to cultivate an interest in life-long learning.

At our school children participate in play-based learning with other children and in adult-guided experiences and activities

Young children learn by DOING. They observe, touch, listen, smell and taste.  They explore their world, discover new information and organize it in many ways that are meaningful to them.  Through this active learning process young children learn about the physical world as well as about themselves in relation to other children and adults in the classroom.

This style of education is based on well-established research in child development and early childhood education.

At our school parents participate in the classroom.

The nature of the curriculum at Hobson lends itself well to having parents participate alongside the teaching staff in the classroom. Giving the parents the opportunity to share in this time of growth and development with their children shows children how their family values education.  It also offers additional adult support in the classroom to help guide the children through learning experiences.  Hobson seeks to enhance the partnership between school and family to promote a love of learning and joyfulness in children.

At our school the director and the teachers work together to create the best learning environment for our children

The curriculum at Hobson has been developed and refined over the years by our director and teachers. It is regularly reviewed to assure that what is being planned for and experienced by the children is developmentally appropriate, engaging and is giving them a wide variety of educational experiences.  Our curriculum gives your child an educational base on which to build as they move from Hobson to elementary school.

At our school parents receive the support and encouragement of the school community.

Parenting is a wonderful and challenging learning experience.  The teachers, director and other parents are a valuable support system for our families.  From the director and teachers, a wealth of early childhood knowledge.  From the other parents, the emotional and social support of families going through similar experiences at the same time.  We can be assured that when our children “graduate” from Hobson we, as parents, may leave with both more information about child development and new family friends to aid us on our parenting journey.

It is our goal is to educate the whole child; socially, emotionally,physically and intellectually