Parent Testimonials

This is our first year at Hobson, and I am already head over heels about our experience. From the moment we first toured the school, especially the outdoors, I knew that it was a special place. I was excited that our son would receive a play-based and nature inspired entry into school. The teachers are amazing in how they care for the children and lead the day’s activities. The director, Beth Wilson, is a great resource as an experienced professional and fellow mom. She has been a wonderful resource to my husband and me in navigating parenthood at this stage. Beth, and all the teachers, have the well being and development of the children as their primary focus 100% of the time, and we are grateful. This is our first experience in a cooperative, and I love the opportunity of being a parent volunteer – it is such a joy to spend a few hours with the children and teachers. I always leave with a huge grin on my face. I can’t imagine sending our kids anywhere else, and look forward to our daughter growing up there, too.
– Shannon C.

Hobson has been such a wonderful experience for our entire family. It not only has been a positive introduction to school for my children, it has also guided us as parents to better understand our children’s development.

Hobson is such a special place for us, our children feel that they are safe to be who they are and to develop a love for learning that will last for their entire life. I will be forever indebted to Hobson for our years at Hobson have given us such a beautiful educational beginning. I wish all schools were like Hobson. The world would be a better place!
– Sue S.

Hobson is the first preschool in Naperville and continues to be the best. We have sent our children to Hobson, starting with the Parent/Child Class through 3 day preschool. Hobson is like a second home for our family. We believe that children learn through play and Hobson earns 5 stars for that. You will never see a worksheet or a cookie cutter art project. You will see children learning to expand on their skills by playing matching games, building blocks, planting flowers, exploring clay, reading books and so much more. Your child will be exposed to process art and not product art. They will be given every art material available to create masterpieces. The teachers are all college educated, warm, creative, fun-loving, and amazing at their craft. The teachers and director know and love each child and family. The backyard and surrounding woods are breathtaking and the children go outside every day to enjoy them. It is a unique school because it is a one room schoolhouse, only one class in attendance at a time. I am a teacher. I have taught preschool-first grade. I couldn’t imagine a better preschool. If you are looking for a school where parents are actively involved in their child’s education, Hobson is for you!
-Cathy D.

Six years ago, I knew Hobson was the right choice for our family. I knew this nursery school offered the critical aspects that help children develop imaginations, learn social skills, and discover how much fun it is to learn. What a terrific launch for life-long learning.
Today, our oldest is in second grade and we can see even more clearly how Hobson has directly impacted her ability to problem-solve and get along with others while reinforcing her love for learning. Having a flexible mind that can imagine is essential for learning new concepts. Being curious is also critical to the foundation. Hobson supports and reinforces this in many ways. Now, our eight-year old eager learner can hardly wait to get to school in the mornings.
Not only do kids learn social skills at Hobson, but they also learn cause and effect through experimentation. I love how inventive Hobson teachers are when teaching through play. Here’s but one example, last night our youngest was repeating the first sounds of objects over and over and over and over again, and then announced which letter the objects started with. What joy!
Hobson’s teaching methods sure beat forced memorization in the short-run, but the effect Hobson teachers have on the minds, hearts, and smiles of their students last a lifetime.
“Inspire wonder” indeed!
Thank you forever, Hobson.   -Kelly F.

My son and I love Hobson! We have been there for 2 yrs. There are no words that can describe how much we love it there! Hobson is really THE best preschool in Naperville!
-July M.

My mother taught at one of the “most popular” nursery schools in Naperville for nearly 20 years. Yet, I chose Hobson School for my children!
A play-based curriculum is exactly what children need in preschool. Hobson offers children daily opportunities to study nature around them. Exploration is encouraged, creativity is fostered, and individuality is celebrated.
As a cooperative school, parents are expected to be active participants. However, Hobson parents cherish these chances to be a part of these precious school memories!
If you are looking for a school where you can drive up and have your child assisted from the car, then Hobson probably isn’t the school for you. However, if you look forward to regular interaction with the Director, teachers, classmates, & other parents, then maybe Hobson is perfect for you!
My oldest child has already graduated from Hobson, but he looks forward to returning each year for Summer Camp with his former classmates!
We’ve recently moved from Naperville to Yorkville. I am committed to continue making this drive so that each of my four children has the opportunity to have their own Hobson experience!
We love our little schoolhouse in the woods!
-Maribeth U.

Hobson truly is a hidden treasure in the woods. For our family, the right preschool was about finding an opportunity for to prepare our children for school, while not overwhelming them and keep to the innocence of what preschool should be about — learn through play. Little did we know, it not only helped our children grow, but it helped us grow our friends too.
-Ann W.

We are so thankful for Hobson! Hobson is a wonderful, nurturing environment for children. My two boys love school and learning, thanks to Hobson. A first-grade teacher recently told me that she thinks Hobson is the best at preparing kids for elementary school and from our experience, we agree! Hobson is also a welcoming and friendly community for the whole family. It is a fantastic school!
-Katherine S.